Thank you to all that came to the heifer sale.

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Please note info at the bottom if you plan to come to the sale.  Call or message for sale location.

Laron Angus Bred Heifer Sale 2018 (docx)


11 Bred Heifers will be for sale September 15th. Call Jim

2017 heifers- bred and were pregnancy  checked on 8/20/18.  A few pictures were added to the sale page of possible sale animals.  We will have 11 for sale on September 15th call Jim for details if you are interested in attending.  712-260-6144

Download Recent data

Bull Sheet 2018 Sale wData (docx)


2018 Sale Bulls data sheet (xlsx)


Ribeye and Semen check results non-registered (xls)


Larson Newsletter Feb 2018 (pdf)


March Bull Weights data download (xlsx)


About Us

What You Want


We in the cattle breeding business are entering an exciting phase. We have the tools with sire summaries, EPDS, AI, Ultrasound, etc to dramatically change our cattle herds. We at Larson Angus are conscious of the need to produce what the consumer wants but we don't chase carcass traits to the extent that we sacrifice the production traits that are vital to any commercial cattle person. 

What We Do

We strive to produce bulls that will sire moderate birth weight cattle that grow. Those bulls have to also sire heifers that will grow into wide, deep bodied cows that can go into a northern Iowa cornfield in the middle of winter and work. We are firmly convinced that the cow of the future will be a cow that does not require a lot of extra management. 

How we do it

We put a lot of emphasis on the dams of any potential AI or natural service sire. Our cows must have good production records, calve on time, and have good functional type traits especially a good udder. The calves are not creep fed as we want to know that if we get a good calf it is not because the calf lived in the creep feeder.  

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit but would appreciate a call in advance to ensure we are home.  If you would like to be included on our periodic newsletters just send us your address information at 

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