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Sale April 1, 2017


The 535 cow above is the mother of 2 of the home raised bulls we have collected and used on our own herd..  This includes the 712 bull who is a sire and maternal grand sire of some of the bulls in the sale.  No bull is ever perfect and even the best bulls have some matings that just do not work.  He has been one of a rare group of bulls we can say we have never seen a bad calf that he sired. 

Above is a picture of the 643 cow, who is the mother of the 126 Bull in last year’s sale.  She is also the mother of the 806 bull.  He is a bull we collected and is a sire of TY11 Bull and the 112 bull.  She raised him as her first calf  then had twin bulls her second year bringing them in with actual weights of over 500 each at weaning without creep .   Both made our bull sale.   Her next calf made our sale last year and her calf this year was the heaviest weaning wt bull.  She has never taken more than one service to settle.  She won’t win Denver but she is a hard working cow that does all we ask of her and more.

Above is a picture of the 705 bull.  He would have been born back in 1997.  We have raised better bulls since but he has a special place in our hearts as he is first bull we collected and was one of the first that made us realize that our bulls can compete with anyone’s cattle.  We believe in using the best mating possible to fit the cow.  After this bull we also looked at our own collected bulls as well as external sources.      

Picture shows our 956 bull who sold in our 2010 sale.  We liked him enough that we bought him back to use in our herd.   Picture shows him after breeding cows all summer and running on stalks for 60 days.  He is a Connection son out of a real good Image Maker cow.  We will get calves this spring sired by him out of both bred heifers and mature cows.


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