Larson Angus
4685 Highway 71
Sioux Rapids, IA 50585
(712) 283-2089

Sale April 1, 2017


Genetic selection goes deeper than just performance in our operation. We put a conscious effort into selecting cattle for functional traits such as disposition, good udders, and sound feet and leg structure.

All bulls kept are put on a high roughage feed ration and pushed for a 3 lb gain per day. We have found that this lets us tell which bull is the best gainer but still provides the customer with bulls that have more longevity. A hot ration pushing bulls for extreme gains is harmful to both fertility and longevity. The bulls are also tested for both anaplasmosis and chronic BVD.

Calves learn early that we are not out to hurt them. We don't put up with cattle that are hard to work with.

The cows need to thrive in a commercial environment.  2011 was a great year for grazing corn stalks.

Since we do not use creep feed everything goes back to the cows.  The calves get it from their mom or they have to work the grass like they are doing on this nice fall day. 

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